House in Mitsuike

The site is situated within a residential district on hilly landscape, quite prevalent townscape in Yokohama city. Located 1m below the confronting street, there is a flatland that occupies two-thirds of the site and the rest is the sloped land descending down to the playground of an adjacent kindergarten.
An approach to the house draws a clockwise trajectory. Walking through the parking that acts as an approach beside the house, one will take a flight of stair on the south-west side and will enter this house via a platform cantilevering out to the sloped site, as if fusing into the surrounding greeneries. The house was conceived as a tubular space consisting of gate-like wood framings while closing off to sides adjoined by neighboring houses. Tapering the one side of the framing outward, we provided eccentric bracings spacing 1m apart on each floor at the same side. By this structural system, we were able to eliminate walls running transverse direction and thus to effectively provide an unobstructed sight condition as well as the rhythmic space within an interior. All details are considerably straightforward without having many ornamental elements, which further articulates the interior space. The daylight, via the large openings located on the both gable ends, reaches deep into the interior and the red brownish lauan plywood boards dyed with the solution extracted from persimmons, traditional Japanese wall painting technique, defines the ambience. In contract to the bright and open living room on the 2nd floor, the 1st floor offers more cozy space. The rooms on the 1st floor are partitioned by sliding doors which thereby can create flexible space accommodating various circumstances. The life-style of the owner was scrupulously reflected upon the design which the owner, the family of four, already fully customizing, starting their unpretentious and jovial life.


Construction period
@Wood structure, 2 stories
@Koichi Torimura

@2008.10 INTERNI @@@RUSSIA
@@@@@STRIKE A POSE [gestalten]