Narita apartment

This town, located nearby the Narita international airport, is still under the development to become a commuter town to the airport, and thus as a community, its character is not yet fully defined. This housing consisting of 10 units is situated within a lot surrounded by streets on its three sides. A courtyard and the streets are connected through the voids penetrating building facades, which act as thresholds. Different colors were applied to exterior walls ? white for the facades facing the streets and red for the courtyard side ? reflecting its respective environment, each unit has a direct approach either from the streets or the courtyard, and borders between the units are not quite explicit on the exterior due partly to randomly-placed windows. By doing so, integrating various lives take place within and providing the glimpses of the courtyard as well as the distinctive red walls to surroundings, we anticipate this project to have better influence on the townfs developments.

Construction period
@Reinforced Concrete, 3 stories

@Koichi Torimura