House in Sendai-Kasumi

The house sits on the hill top that overlooks the city of Sendai, situated within the area called Yakiyama offering the magnificent views of cliffs that rise from the Hirose River running at the bottom. The site has elongated configuration in North/South direction, adjoined by existing houses at the both sides. The site planning was conceived in relation to the density of neighboring houses, consisted of the elongated volume placed along the site and the large garden accompanied to it. While the site descends towards the cliff side, on contrary the house volume is lifted up, creating the gap between them, in which the garden, the living room and even the marvelous view of Sendai integrate one another and further become a large unifying site as a whole.
In terms of HVAC, we contrived effective heating systems. Although Sendai is not fully a cold district, adequate heating devices were still necessary, considering the frequent strong north winds blowing up the hill. Hydronic Radiant Floor Heating was applied to the entire floor area in the large room on the 1st floor, furthermore, Hydronic Heating are also provided on the walls in each room, creating comfortable spaces with the radiant heats.


Construction period

 Koichi Torimura