House in Shizuoka

The site is a province in a nice and warm weather where remains both a feeling of old downtown and small factories that run by family business near the dry riverbed, Abekawa river. A client wants to build the house where he / she can enjoy playing music and doing DJ. The house is encompassed by a fireproofed concrete wall and is installed the louver if traffic is barely congested on north side of site where people can approach to the house, and also on southeast side adjacent to 60 years old and rotten housings. It provides four different functioned boxes that resonate one another. Space in-between of them connect all functions including courtyard and also amplify rich light well from all directions that designed the house dramatically. Moreover, a rough and neat texture on concrete facade conveys an essence of old town from Showa Period that merges well with a row of houses along the site.


Construction period

 Reinforced Concrete, 2 stories
 Koichi Torimura

 JAPANESE Interior Design [Braun]